Developing Airbus Bleed Air Test Set

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Our engineering R & D personnel by aircraft engine bleed air statistical and analytical issues currently facing the airline, has developed a model for PAC36A01 Airbus engine bleed air testing equipment, the test for Airbus (A318/A319/A320/A321 ) aircraft engine bleed air system component health check (AMM manual based components), is carried out in the wing examination, a powerful auxiliary tool parts from the bit of checking and troubleshooting. At present, I have been to the engineering staff of some airlines and airports demonstration and testing, has been received.
Our Company produced the main advantages of the engine bleed air testing equipment:
 1 using panel regulator, the pressure regulator accurate and stable.
2  using high-precision digital pressure gauge, intuitive display accurate.
3 using the quick connector pipe connections, make testing easy and reliable,
Flexible configuration of various installations.
4 intuitive operator panel, reflecting the testing process.
5 compact device, a minimum of similar equipment, to facilitate the work and transport.
6 Integration Rod air box, which can meet the harsh working environment.