Developing Temperature Sensor Tester

Our Company recently developed a temperature sensor lead tester (P / N: PAC36T01), which is mainly used for the Boeing series ( 737-600/700/800/900 ) aircraft engine 450 ℉ and 390 ℉ thermostat sensor ( based on components CMM manual ) for fault judgment and offline inspection , has started in some airlines.


Applicable components:

450 ℉ thermostat Bleed Air Overtemperature Sensor part number :129694 -1 ,129694 -2 ,129694 -3
390 ℉ sensor Precooler Control Valve Sensor part number :129666 -1 ,129666 -2 ,129666 -3

Test items:
According to parts manual CMM-36-13-99-R04-HONEYWELL and CMM-36-14-03-R03-HONEYWELL card information or related work required for testing.

Equipment main parameters:
A. Equipment dimensions: length 1500 mm X Width 800 mm X 1300 mm high
B. Equipment weight : 150 Kg
C. Air Filter: Working pressure : 4.35 ~ 217PSIG; filtration precision : 5um; semi-automatic drainage ; gas source input terminal connectors : PM fast male .
D. valve CV1, CV2: input pressure : 0 ~ 217PSIG Output Pressure : 0 ~ 145PSI
E.Pc port output pressure range :0-50 PSIG
F.Ps port output pressure range :0-100 PSIG
G. pressure gauge (G1, G2): Range 0 ~ 50 PSIG accuracy of ± 0.25% FS
H. gauge (G3): Range 0 ~ 100 PSIG Accuracy ± 1% FS
I. gauge (G4) ( heating equipment installed on the body ) : Range 0 ~ 100 PSIG accuracy of ± 2.5% FS
J. Electric Power : 4 KW
K. Voltage : 220 V 50 Hz
L. heating temperature : room temperature ~ 270 ℃ temperature control accuracy : ± 1 ℃
M. device is connected to electrical cables on single-phase three -wire cable ( 6 square line ) : Brown on behalf of the line of fire , blue represents the zero line, yellow-green stands for ground

Auxiliary requirements:
Use of the device user must provide the following auxiliary equipment:
Air Source: Air source pressure is clean and dry 100-150PSIG input
Gas source : gas source tube with PM fast female connector for connecting the filter
Input Power : 220 V 50 Hz requirements must be grounded port , leakage device to ensure electrical safety devices

Boeing Bleed Air Test Set Upgrade

Our engineering research the lack of the Engine Bleed Air Test Set produced by us and improve it.Now,we upgrade the part number#PAC30P300P4T into PAC30P300P4T-S.
Aircraft Engine Bleed Air System Test Equipment (P/N: PAC30P300P4T-S)  is applied to Boeing series (737-600/700 / 800/900)  Aircraft Engine Bleed Air System  Components Health Checking (based on components AMM manual). It is  a powerful and troubleshooting tool for checking  components in the wings and  off the wings.Configuring different adapter can also apply to other models.




1)Check air-entraining regulator control pressure  (Pc)
air-entraining regulator over-pressure switch working in the appropriate pressure range
3) Check  pressure regulator shut-off valve to open in the minimum supply pressure (Ps)
4) Check 
control valve to close in the minimum supply pressure (Ps)
5) Check  precooler control valve to provide a suitable control pressure (Pc)
Check precooler control valve to adjust in accordance with the control pressure (Pc) changes   in  control pressure changing
High-pressure regulator to control pressure (Pc)
Check H
igh-pressure valve to work properly
High-pressure regulator reflux checking protection to work properly
Check sensing tube without leakage


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1, all measuring instruments and operating switches are installed in a has very convenient man-machine interface,the clarity of test operations and it is reflecting the test process. The innovative and unique design of the operation panel is greatly conducive to test operations personnel operating accurately in accordance with the provisions of the correct operation. it need not  to  the instrument assembly and other auxiliary processes when using.

2, the modular interface adapter and the adapter connection convenient and flexible with the aircraft bleed air system, reducing the assembly and disassembly of the aircraft side, the use of more convenient and reliable. Configure different interface adapter and the adapter function of the equipment for a variety of models, expansion powerful.

3, the test interface adapters and test hoses connected to quick release mode, so that the test connection reliable and convenient, greatly reducing the intensity of work and saving time and greatly improved work efficiency.

4 gauge measurements using high-precision digital pressure gauge, with intuitive display, large range, high precision performance characteristics. Without having to switch in the test range to avoid the use of over-voltage caused by damage to the instrument, reduce the amount of work pressure.

5, the pressure output of the device using two-way independent adjustment mode, as opposed to the BOEING recommended equipment, with better accuracy and the ability to regulate, has multiple redundant to adjust the pressure output capability.

6, have to meet the testing requirements of the differential pressure gauge, manual testing methods, which fully meet the AMM. BOEING recommended equipment used, the basic non-configure the instrument, can not fully meet the requirements of health checks.

7, the complete package of equipment, accessories, compact and solid, safety equipment boxes and aviation integration rod with a pulley. Use customers only need to provide the nitrogen bottles, convenient transportation to bring great convenience for the operator.

8, on the basis of full compliance with the requirements in accordance with the AMM manual, combined with the airlines row so the experience and statistical analysis of data, the use and operation of the device PAC30P300P4T-S has a simple, reliable, efficient.

KEYWORDS:PAC30P300P4T-S  SPL-4350(P/N:C36001-44) SPL-922(P/N:3792195-1)