The LEAKAGE meter measures the leak rate in hydraulic systems according to the ultrasonic transit time difference principle. The measurement is non invasive, absolutely no intrusion in the pipe system is needed.
Ultrasonic signals are sent by the transducer into the pipe, reflected on the inner pipe wall of the opposite side and come back to the transducer. These signals are emitted alternatively in the direction of flow and against it.
Because the medium in which the signals propagate is flowing, the transit time of the sound signals propagating in the direction of flow is shorter than the transit time of the signal propagating against the direction of flow.
The transit time difference T is measured and allows the determination of the average flow velocity on the propagation path of the ultrasonic signals. A profile correction is then performed to obtain the average flow velocity on the cross-section of the pipe, which is proportional to the volume flow rate.
The LEAKAGE meter tests with its special electronics the incoming ultrasonic signals for their usefulness for the measurement and evaluates the plausibility of the measured values. The integrated microprocessors control the complete measuring cycle, eliminating disturbance signals by statistical signal processing techniques.


  • Item  Description  Quantity   
    1 Data transfer kit  1
    2 Power supply and battery charging unit, 110 V AC  220 V AC 
    (without power cord) 
    3 Power cord Europe incl. universal adapter  1
    4 Coupling compound tube  1
    5 User’s manual English  1
    6 Transmitter GST 6108  1
    7 LEAKAGE transducer FS3N7  1
    8 Carrying case  1
  • Type designation and serial number of the LEAKAGE meter are given on the data plate of the rear panel of the transmitter (see Fig. 2.2) and on the side face of the transducers (see Fig. 2.3).
  • Measuring principle: Ultrasonic time difference correlation principle

    Flow velocity: (0.01 ... 25) m/s[(0.03 … 82) ft/s]

    Resolution: 0.025 cm/s [0.0008 ft/s]

    Repeatability: 0.15% of reading  0.01 m/s  [0.15% of read.  0.03 ft/s]

    Accuracy (for fully developed,rotationally symmetrical flow profile)

    - Volume flow:  1% ... 3% of read.  0.01 m/s [ 1% ... 3% of read.  0.03 ft/s] depending on application
                            0.5% of reading  0.01 m/s [ 0.5 % of read.  0.03 ft/s] with process calibration

    -Path velocity:  0.5 % of read.  0.01 m/s [ 0.5 % of read.  0.03 ft/s]

    Accuracy at the defined test points for a LEAKAGE measurement (flow profile not rotationally symmetrical )

    - Volume flow: < 7% of read.  0.01 m/s [< 7% of read.  0.03 ft/s]
                           for T = 10 °C … 60 °C  [for T = 50 °F … 140 °F]
  • -Weight: approx. 3.9 kg *) [approx. 8.6 lb]

    -Deg. of protection: IP54 acc. to EN60529 [NEMA 3S]

    -Material: aluminium,epoxy coated

    -Dimensions(W x H x D):(276 x 118 x 317) mm [(10.87 x 4.64 x 12.48) in] (with handle)

    Measuring channels: 1

    Power supply: Rechargeable battery (6 V/4 Ah) or external power supply (100-240) V AC

    Operating time with battery: >10 h

    Charge time for max. capacity: 15 h

    Display: 2 x 16 characters,dot matrix,backlit

    Operating temperature: -10 °C ... 60 °C [14 °F … 140 °F]

    Power consumption: < 15 W

    Measuring cycle: (100 ... 1000) Hz (1 channel)
  • rated (possible) diameter range:(9 ... 25.4) mm [(3/8 ... 1) in]

    Dimensions (W x H x D): (75 x 41 x 43) mm [(2.95 x 1.61 x 1.69) in] (without fastening strap)

    Material: Enclosure: stainless steel

    Contact surface: PEI

    Operating temperature: -30°C ... 130°C [-22°F ... 266°F]

    Deg. of protection: IP65 acc. to EN60529 [NEMA 4X]
  • Measuring functions
    Meas. quantity: Volume flow
    Meas. units: l/min or gal/min

    Data logger
    Loggable values: all measured values
    Capacity: Meas. values: >100 000
                  Meas. series: 99

    Interface: RS232
    Data: actual meas. value, logged data, parameter records

    Software FluxData (optional)
    Function: Downloading meas. data/parameter records,graphical presentation,conversion to other formats
    Operating systems: Windows TM versions **) (newer than Windows 98)
  • 件号  描述
     61007010-01  软件 Firmware for A320 familiy
     6100110  发射机 Transmitter GST 6108
     6106220  电源转化接头 Power cord Europe incl. universal adapter
     6106221  电源适配器  Power supply and battery charging unit,110-220 V AC without power cord
     61076044  使用说明书 User’s manual English
     6110387  固定带  Fastening strap
     6110481  探头 Leakage transducer FS3N7
     6120601  蓄电池 Set of rechargeable batteries, 6 V / 4 Ah
     6120701   设备箱 Carrying case
     6122447  数据线 Data transfer kit
     6120501  耦合剂 Coupling compound tube, 100 g




喷烤漆房为涂装项目设计,其建造目的是提高修理涂装质量,缩短涂装作业生产周期,改善工人劳动环 境,提高环境保护要素。设备建成后不仅满足使用要求,而且运行可靠,操作简单,维修方便,安全良好, 废气治理达到国家标准。同时本设备在结构设计、配套件选择、生产工艺、施工质量方面均达到国内同类产 品的先进水平。


喷烤漆房用于对工件的喷漆、烘干作业。设计时严格按照国家有关安全、卫生、消防及环保等方面的标 准要求执行,整个设计以用户方的要求为依据,可结合工件及使用涂料现状,按涂装工艺要求作相应调整。







飞机轮毂喷烤漆房由室体、送风系统、加热系统、空气过滤系统、照明系统、排风系统、废气处理系统、 电控系统组成。


室体是由主体、大门、安全门、钢结构件、照明装置等组成的全密封喷漆空间,提高涂装质量,改善工 人操作环境,满足环境保护要求,满足恶劣气候下的生产要求。


排风及漆雾净化系统的作用是送风气流顺利排出并处理喷漆剩余漆雾中树脂和油漆溶剂中的有害挥发物。喷漆剩余漆雾在高速气流的作用下落入过滤材料上,其中固体部分被阻拦,溶剂中的有害气体被稀释并 经活性炭吸附后达标排放。


漆房的室内洁净度通过空气净化系统实现,净化系统采用二级过滤方式,第一级过滤设置在风机之前, 对空气进行初级净化,第二级过滤设置在静压室底部,起均压和高效过滤的作用,过滤后空气过滤效率> 98%,室内气体中 10μm 以上尘埃 100%过滤。




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PAC-GVE001 飞机客舱玻璃修理打磨工作平台



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